coffee and work

So we decided to start a blog!

Here at King Street Coffee Company we want to keep you upto date with all our latest news, whilst giving you a little peak behind the scenes and giving you a little insight into who we are and where we are headed.

Behind every great cup of coffee there is a great story, it is one of the many reason we love speciality coffee and why we want to give Wrexham the best coffee! Through this blog, you will hear about ours.

So let’s rewind back to how this all started. Back in October of last year, My brother (Andy) and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and finally look at opening a coffee shop! I had worked as a manager of a Costa franchise for over 5 years and Andy had a background in running bars. After getting business plan after business plan written and re-written we were in the position to look for premises.

Being proud Wrexham lads, the decision to open our first shop in town was a no brainer to us! Although town had lots of great cafes we knew we had the expertise and passion to bring Wrexham town centre it’s first taste of true speciality coffee.

Once we had secured a unit in early February the real hard work began. What came next was 2 months of ripping apart a rebuilding what has become King Street Coffee Company. This came at a time where both I continued to work full time and Andy still ran his bar. There was blood sweat and almost tears but thanks to ALOT of help from family and friends on the morning of April 1st (yep – April fools day!) we were finally ready to open!

Since that day we have worked tirelessly to improve and expand our offer and really focus on what our customers want.

On of the greatest parts of being a barista is developing friendships with all of the customers you see day in day out. We are really proud of the loyal customer base that we have already and we love it when we see the delight in people’s eyes when we remember what they are drinking or when they see there perfectly poured flat white!

We can’t believe that we’ve been open 3 months now! Some days it feels like it has flown, some days it is hard to remember what life was like before King Street Coffee Company!

Have you been in to check us out yet? If so please rate us on one of the usual places – Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook etc. As a new business, the most valuable assist that we have is our customers feedback.

We have big news coming up over the coming days so stay tuned!


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