Times are a changing here in the coffee shop!

As part of our commitment to bring you the best coffee in Wrexham we are pleased to finally reveal that we are now serving Neighbourhood Coffee.

So who are Neighbourhood Coffee and why have we started to work with them?
Chris and Ed
Neighbourhood Coffee are Chris and Ed and they are based in Liverpool, which has a rich and long coffee history with green coffee being one of the many goods arriving into the UK through Liverpool docks. With 10 years experience in sourcing and trading green coffee, they only use the very best coffee from suppliers they know and trust. They also pay well above the fairtrade minimum for all of the coffee they source.
As we all know, Liverpool also has a rich history with music and as a knowing nod to that, all Neighbourhood Coffee blends have a musical twist to their name. Some of our favourites are “You’ve Got A Blend In Me” “M-M-M-Mocha Face” and the very apt “(I Can’t Get No) Caffeination” for a decaff blend.

After trialling and few blends, we have gone with their “Espresso Yourself” blend. The coffee’s origins are 65% Brazil Gerezim Estate Yellow Catuai, pulped natural process and 35% Peru Chrinos Community, Caturra & Bourbon, fully washed process. However, as coffee is a seasonal product the blend does change slightly during the year.
Espresso Yourself

We’re really lucky to have such great coffee being produced just down the road in Liverpool and we have really enjoyed working (geeking out over coffee) with Chris and Ed. We will be making frequent visits to the roastery to learn more about the roasting process and learn more about speciality coffee.

Let us know what you think when you come in, everyone that has tried it has loved it so far!

You can check Neighbourhood Coffee out on the usual Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using their handle @NHoodCoffee

Oh – and they have also just made it into this years independent coffee guide as one of the top roasters in the north (we know they are number one!) http://www.indycoffee.guide/northern-independent-coffee-guide/

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